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Summer Street allotments overlook the beautiful Stroud valleys

Summer Street allotments overlook the beautiful Stroud valleys

The history of Summer Street allotments is unclear, but they appear to have been formed in the late 1800s a number of years before the requirements for provision of allotments by law was agreed.

It is reported that the allotment and adjacent Leazes playing fields were donated to the people of Stroud on the provision that they were kept for allotment gardening and recreational use. Since they were formed, the allotments have thrived and been cultivated by many generations of gardeners with the passion for growing your own food.

The latest generation of gardeners are as passionate as ever about growing food,  and carrying on the traditions of past gardeners in their stewardship of the land.

Summer Street Communal Shed

Summer Street Communal Shed

There are 72 plots of various shapes and sizes with a true mixture of people from all walks of life.

We have an active committee and a good mix of allotment holders on site which has a really community spirit – we’re very multi-national with Polish, German, Russian, Slovakian, South African, Italian, Welsh and English plot holders.

We’re a fabulous feeding ground for the Slad Valley badgers and great array of other wildlife.

The benefits of allotments include:

– Cheap source of fresh fruit and vegetables and therefore a healthy diet
– Less contact with pesticides etc if you grow organically
– Opportunity to spend time outside enjoying nature
– Sense of achievement and well-being
– Giving your mind something positive to focus on
– Chance to learn
– Reduction in stress
– Chance to escape the pressures of modern living
– Helps community spirit and offers an opportunity to meet people from all   walks of life
– Environmental benefits by providing green spaces and wildlife habitats
– Gardening is a good form of exercise
– A chance for children to learn where food comes from.

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