Frequently asked questions


Below are a number of questions that new members regularly ask when joining the site. If you have other questions please feel free to ask any member on site or contact who will be happy to help.

Where are we?

Next to the Leazes Playing Field. Gated access from both Summer Street and Gaineys Well (Off Far Leazes).

How do I get a plot?

Simple. Contact the Secretary to register your interest here. Once a plot becomes available, the Secretary will be in touch. You will have the opportunity to view the plot and if more than one is available, take your pick.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes! However, don’t be put off; there is always a turnover of plots. People’s circumstances change and plots are reviewed regularly to ensure they are being cultivated. It may take a few months to get a plot, but it is well worth the wait!

How much is it to join?

From January 2022 the price is £25 a year for a standard plot and £12.50 a year for a half plot. To add an additional plotholder is £5 per year. This is well below the average for allotments. Also, plots are all sorts of different sizes and shapes. Rents are due at the end of November in advance.

What am I paying for?

Plot rents go towards upkeep of the site, membership of a national allotment association and site insurance. The mains water supply has to be paid for, as does site security measures, and upkeep of other shared facilities such as the communal shed. We also pay for the paths to be mowed once a month throughout the summer. The accounts are published each year by the Treasurer at the AGM.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. You will be asked to provide a deposit at the start of your tenancy; this will include payment for a key.

What facilities are there on site?

There are 4 taps spread evenly across the site. Members are encouraged to save rain water in order to preserve water supplies. There is a communal shed where periodic social events take place.

A number of communal tools are stored in the shed including a push lawn mower and strimmer.

A small car park exists at the main entrance to the site.

There are no toilets on site.

What condition will be plot be in?

The plot you inherit may be totally dug over and ready to cultivate or be overgrown and ready for you to improve. It may have structures such as sheds and greenhouses already on it. You may also inherit mature fruit trees or bushes.

Are there rules I should stick to?

Yes, when you become a member you will receive a copy of the Allotment Rules which form part of the tenancy agreement. A copy of the current rules can be found here. Please read these carefully, and abide by them at all times. These rules are essential so that everyone on the site is able to enjoy allotment gardening and for health and safety reasons.

A minimum standard of cultivation is expected so that all members on the site are able to enjoy allotment gardening to the full. The standards expected can be found here

What if I can’t keep it up?

When you first agree to take on a plot, you will agree to reach a minimum cultivation level. This agreement will be based on the initial condition of your plot and will be reasonable. This is to make sure you are able to commit the time and effort it takes to maintaining a plot. Some people underestimate this and it is the most common reason for giving a plot up.

If you are unable to meet these commitments then you must inform the committee who may be able to offer a smaller plot or help in other ways.

What can I grow on my plot?

The plots are provided primarily for the growth of fruit and vegetables. Many people grow flowers alongside their produce which helps with pollination and improved the look of the site.

Are the allotments secure?

The site is surrounded by a fence and the gates padlocked, however you should not keep valuables on site and any items kept on your plot are kept at your own risk.


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