A Poem From The Plot – by Mel



Bedsteads and old brooms – rust-ridden iron knots
And shreds of blue plastic rot
Carpet and hardboard – the weeds thwart the lot
Welcome to the allotment someone forgot !

Now – everyone’s fighting to get on the land
Thanks to T.V. and Gardeners-World’s wand
The “Waiting-list” is growing thanks to enthusiasm’s hand
To – eh? “Save the Planet”
And be “organic” by hand

But what they don’t mention is the sweat and the toil
{ However – I do hear that muck – spreading may be a cure for boils ?! }
Though “weeder’s back” has no foil

Not least – remember all predators waiting in the wings {with binoculars}
Especially those slugs smiling thousands of teeth!
And a bit of research many come in handy
About the sexual-activity of predators randy
But – personally speaking – I like the same veg’
As do dear Mr Badgers thieves hiding in the hedge!

So – take up yer spades and march forth into battle
Be it sunny or raining or chesty rattle
And prepare yourselves for natures’ wailing
But don’t lose heart – you’ll learn by failing
That gardening and Allotmenting can be fun
If you really want to do it – it’s well worth the run

And – at the end of the day when the sun’s going down
You’ll sit in your shed all tired and thankfully brown
That the dandelions are beheaded and you’ve watered your veg’
And the Supermarket-trolley is at least half dead

So – welcome to The Allotment Army
A dolly-mixture of characters pledge
To – “Work on the Land” – ’til obliviously dead
Living now in the future of cabbages all lacey-edged littered
Thanks to the squadrons of greedy fat pigeons!

So – on and on ’til winter’s dawn
Relax – you’ll get a well-earned rest by snow-fall
And don’t be disillusioned if blight wins once more
There’s always Next Year in the seeds of last fall….

Before and After by Melanie White

Being an enthusiastic gardener, boasting to be a “Novice Only” – Mel’s proven philosophy in life is “If you think you can do it, you can !”

Mel is an artist and published writer with one book (so far !) – “The Things We Do For A Crust”, also a playwright “The Cardboard Cut-Out” performed as a theatre / pub production. Not forgetting a number of other recorded plays and songs, she is also one of Strouds Poets, working in the undergrowth ! Now in her seventh year on Summer Street allotments

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So, what of my allotment.  The seemingly peaceful grass ridden plot of land, also contained carpet, wood, boards, lumps of stone and iron. Not least plastic bags and glass! Thwarted by nature – see the carpet loses !

Mels plot before

Mels plot after

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