Site rules & guidelines


Summer Street Allotments is a relaxed and easy going site. The rules adopted by members are there so that the enjoyment of members is maintained and not interfered with by other members. Please abide by these rules so you enjoy the allotments, and allow others to enjoy their allotments as much as possible.

If you arent sure of any of the rules please contact any committee member who will be happy to explain them. You can download a copy here

  1. The letting of plots shall be the responsibility of the committee. No sub-letting is allowed. Plots shall not be let to anyone under the age of 16.
  2. Plot holders are expected to comply with the site cultivation standards issued with the tenancy agreements .
  3. Each tenant shall be responsible for the maintenance of the paths around their plot. All paths should be at least 1m wide.
  4. New sheds, polytunnels, greenhouses, ponds, trees and other structures must be approved by the committee before erection or planting to ensure that the structure is compatible with the site, reasonable to other members and are of a temporary nature. The Committee reserves the right for unauthorised items to be removed.
  5. No shed, greenhouse or polytunnel is to be erected within 1 metre of the external boundary of the site.
  6. A tenant giving up his/her plot will be obliged to remove or sell to another plot holder his/her shed, greenhouse or polytunnel. Any unclaimed items after 1 month of a member leaving a plot will become owned by the association.
  7. No items or material, other than for direct use on the plot, should be brought into or left on the site. It is the responsibility of the plot holder to clear all rubbish from the site to the satisfaction of the committee prior to refund of the deposit.
  8. Dogs are discouraged from the site, but if they must be present the owner must ensure that they are kept under control and on a lead at all times and that they do not stray on to other plots or cause a nuisance to members
  9. Children should be accompanied and supervised by the tenant who will take responsibility for their safety and well being and ensure other members can enjoy their plots free from nuisance. The committee reserves the right to ask any member to prevent a child from entering the site if a dispute arises
  10. Fires are discouraged except for the burning of diseased plant materials. You are encouraged to compost other materials to improve fertility and biodiversity.The following guidelines should be considered by members if a fire is necessary so that a nuisance to members of the public or allotments are avoided:
  • If they are on site, let your neighbouring plot holders know when you’re going to light it and where it is.
  • Avoid lighting in unsuitable weather conditions. Smoke hangs in the air on damp, still days and in the evening.
  • Avoid burning when the wind will carry the smoke over roads or into other people’s property.
  • Only burn dry material
  • Never burn household rubbish, rubber or anything containing plastic, foam or paint.
  • Never use old engine oil, methylated spirits or petrol to light the fire or to encourage it.
  • Never leave the fire unattended or leave it to smoulder
  1. All plot holders are asked to act with consideration for others on site. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved amicably it should be referred to the committee who will arbitrate.
  2. All plot holders are encouraged to collect rainwater from their structures. There are a very limited number of taps for a large number of plot holders and consideration must be shown over water usage. Sprinklers are not allowed.
  3. All plot holders will be issued with a key to the site on the payment of a deposit. A similar deposit is required for any replacement key. Deposits will be refunded if a plot holder decided to give up his/her plot.
  4. Please be mindful of site security and be responsible for locking the gates if it appears you are the last person on site when you leave.
  5. All chemicals should be kept securely locked in a shed. Their use should ensure that there is no contamination of neighbouring plots. The committee encourage the minimum use of chemicals especially in consideration of use of plots by future plot holders and to minimise impact on the environment and biodiversity
  6. Any plot holder who wishes to give up their plot should inform a member of the committee as soon as possible.
  7. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Rules last amended 26th November 2011 – AGM



In addition to the rules shown above, Summer Street Allotment Association has guidelines for plot holders who wish to keep hens on their plot or, and create a pond. Summer Street Allotment Association Pond Guidelines are available to download here, and Hen Keeping Guidelines are available to download here.


Information for new members

When you first rent a plot at Summer Street Allotments, you will be introduced to the allotment site by a member of the committee, they will:

1.    Inform you of the cost of rent & a key/the rubbish deposit
2.    You will be shown where your allotment key gives you access to
3.    You will be given a tenancy agreement
4.    You will be given a copy of the Site rules
5.    You will be given a copy of the Cultivation standards
6.    You’ll be told about the internal waiting list
7.    You’ll be informed of the website and be given the website address
8.    You’ll be told who are the committee members & how to contact them
9.    You’ll be introduced to the shared-use equipment in the communal shed
10.  You will be show the share table & notice board outside communal shed
11.  You’ll be shown the location of 4 mains water taps
12.  You’ll be told about our allotment Kings seeds order


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